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The Edge Hunter—Volatility Buying/Selling Sheet

The Edge Hunter calculates expected moves using real time market IV data and historical reference data to generate optimum buying/selling opportunities based on current underlying movement.  Any optionable name is available through the Livevol Pro Excel Plugin.

Features, Functions  and Benefits:

  • Instantly identify volatility buying/selling opportunities based on market conditions from one page
  • Implied Volatility and option price grid per term, 10 terms out
  • Average True Range (ATR) and realized volatility tests for Days to Expiration (DTE)
  • Option Fair Value and optimum edge values per term
  • Real Time IV data combined with historical data in multiple time frames
  • All Term option purchasing risk/reward profiles for Average True Range (ATR) and Historical Volatility (HV)
  • Historical context from standard deviation for reference in all terms

The Edge Hunter for Butterflies

The Edge Hunter finds the optimum butterflies, for any market condition, using the IV of the 25 delta and ATM options to generate base volatility edge ATM for a current term.  Any optionable name is available through the Livevol Pro Excel Plugin.

Features, Functions,  and Benefits:

  • Highlighted Optimum Trades using real time IV data to compute the best butterfly for the risk reward ratio at any given time
  • Butterfly Grid per term to develop a slope profile (Skew Curve), daily & weekly terms going 2 weeks out
  • 1/2/1 and 1/3/2 optimum butterflies per term
  • Greek Profile and Risk Reward calculations per term in real time with self-adjusting capability
  • Pitchfork-Style skew calculations with historic ranges to identify “tops” & “bottoms” of skew slope
  • Adjustable strike and ATM toggles to “follow the curve” to generate better flies.
  • Butterfly fair value is calculated across all strikes per term for instant context in conditions
  • Cross-class comparisons & pitchfork calculations on multiple names make it easy to spot outliers for opportunity

These valuable sheets are $2900 each but today you can purchase 2 sheets with 3 hours of live training for only $1997!!

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